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Spring Game Photos
FCA Passing League Interview
$10,000 Giveaway!
The $10,000 Giveaway is September 27th. Only 300 tickets will be sold at $100 each. There will be a meal at 6 pm and the drawing will begin at 7 pm. The drawing will be at Gilmer High School. We are asking that each player t
Bobcats rock Rebels, 41-7
Author: Robbie Bills
They lost plenty of offensive firepower, and vacancies on defense have not made the transition into 2014 any easier for the Gilmer Bobcat football team. The Cats will look to replace nearly 2,000 rushing yards and 27 touchdowns offensively, whil
Gilmer smashes North Hall, 49-14
Author: Robbie Bills
By Robbie Bills Sports Editor Times-Courier It was a satisfying night for Gilmer High School football last Friday. The Bobcats played their second scrimmage of the preseason and crushed North Hall on the Trojans’ home field, 49-14. The
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